Hi! I'm Karin Goh, a coder who wants to leave the world better than she found it!

I study computer science at UC Berkeley and am set to graduate in May 2018.
I like to take photos of people and places.
I have a strong appreciation for the intersection of design and code.
I'm always looking for an adventure, be it an irrate computer bug or camping under the stars.


Technical Skills: Java, Python, C, MIPS, HTML, CSS, Scheme, Django, SQL, JSON

Gitlet | Java

Designed and implemented data structures and functions to create a basic version control system.

Checkerbombs | Java

Applied object oriented principles to create modified version of Checkers, involving special pieces and extra rules.

MIPS Assembler and Linker | C

Implemented functions to translate MIPS instruction sets into machine code and process object files into executables.

Professional Experience

Farmview | UI/UX Lead

Berkeley, CA | September 2015 - Present

Create and design website using HTML and CSS
Build web application using Django and CartoDB JavaScript
(Website still in development stages)

UC Berkeley CS Department | Lab Assistant

Berkeley, CA | January 2015 – Present

Assist students with lab assignments in the introductory computer science courses
Provide guidance to students with their homework and projects during office hours

The Daily Californian | Senior Staff Photographer

Berkeley, CA | September 2014 – Present

Photograph events in the Berkeley and greater Bay Area community to be published in local newspaper
Edit photos using Adobe Lightroom

Vocanic | Tech Intern

Singapore | July 2015 - August 2015

Supported the tech team in implementing GNIP's data stream function with the company’s existing platforms
Researched analytics and visualization tools such as Kibana and Elasticsearch
Worked with social media APIs to improve company’s bespoke marketing services


While I mostly take photos for the news, I love to capture all sorts of moments, especially when I'm travelling, and especially the candid moments.

Martin O'Malley

Ryan Murphy

Laverne Cox

Big Game Week

Tsukiji Fish Market

Gardens By The Bay

Leadership and Extracurriculars




  • Photographer of the Week | The Daily Californian
  • Member of the Semester - Fall 2014 | Cal Rotaract


Whether you have some software that needs to be coded or photos that need to be taken, let me know!
You can fill in the form below or email me at karin.goh[at]berkeley.edu